CAT SCAN TECH (per-diem)

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Multi-specialty physician group

Responsible for varied duties within the x-ray department, such as taking and developing CT Scans. Performs related work as required by the physician or department supervisor.

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsible for maintaining a daybook, recording the proper charges and dosages to patient.  Retrieve prior films and reports; including reports and films from area health care facilities before consulting with Radiologist on patient procedure.  Assist with administration of IV Contrast, position patient and set proper injection code to power injector.  Actually perform CT exam, then do all necessary filming including prospective images that would assist Radiologist in actual diagnosis; develop, sort and load film.  Perform weekly QA testing on CT machine.

Scheduling appointments; answering incoming phone calls; consulting with physicians, nurse practitioner, and/or other medical assistants concerning emergency CT Scans; greeting patients and checking the waiting area for arrivals; prepare patients for exams by changing their clothes and giving them the oral contrast media if needed; patients instruction about their exam and obtaining signature on IV consent form; drawing up and mixing IV contrast media; clean, stock and maintain exam room, order supplies and other duties as needed within the Radiology Department. Utilizes RIS/PACS System to enter, retrieve, and maintain data.   Attends OSHA initially at orientation and annually thereafter.

KNOWLEDGE SKILL & ABILITY: The ability to work quickly and astutely in dealing with patients that have had reactions to the iodine contrast material.  The ability to generate a feeling of caring, consideration, accommodation and empathy in dealing with the patients.  The ability to deal effectively with peers, associates, and medical staff.  Ability to work closely with physicians and radiologist in dealing with CT Scan procedures.  The ability to distinguish normal from abnormal CT Scans in order to assist the Radiologist.

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE/KNOWLEDGE: Graduation from high school and graduation from a two year accredited school of radiography with an ARRT certificate.  A valid New York State license in radiography and at least two years experience working within the field of CT.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Requires sitting, standing bending and reaching.  May require lifting up to 20 pounds.  Requires manual dexterity sufficient to operate standard office equipment such as computer, fax, calculators and telephone.  Requires normal hearing and vision.