Opticians Assistant

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Multi-specialty physician group

Responsible for assisting Dr. Harris and the entire staff in their efforts to provide each patient with the highest quality of eye care. Also responsible for functioning efficiently and effectively as a member of the Slocum Dickson Health Care Team in accordance with clinical policies and procedures.


  1. Daily preparation of each exam room and minor surgery, instruments, equipment and supplies. Also responsible for the care, cleaning and basic maintenance of instruments and equipment and the constant monitoring of room supplies to insure the readiness of each exam room.
  2. To obtain concise, complete oculo-medical history; to record this history accurately, legibly and in an easy-to-interpret format.
  3. Accurately measure and record the refractive power of corrective lenses.
  4. Accurately assess the patient’s best visual acuity both with and without correction and to accurately record these results.
  5. Conduct brief external exam: To understand and recognize normal findings in order to appreciate abnormal findings; to record findings accurately and proceed appropriately with the preliminary work-up.
  6. To understand the principles, concepts and techniques of retinoscopy in order to objectively measure the refractive state of the eye
  7. To understand the principles and techniques of refractometry and to effectively arrive at subjective measurement of the refractive state of the eye; to record such findings accurately.
  8. To safety and accurately measure and record the IOP of the eye; to recognize abnormal findings and proceed appropriately with the exam.
  9. To understand the purpose and procedure for safely instilling eye medications as directed by the physicians; to recognize adverse effects and to take measures to prevent such reactions.
  10. To perform special tests as required and directed by the physicians. To understand purpose and procedure for the test ordered, to explain the test to the patient and record results accurately.
  11. To prepare for and assist with minor surgery, utilizing aseptic technique.
  12. To function as a note taker; to accurately and completely record the physician’s exam of the patient; to assist the physician in ways that will maximize his performance.
  13. To understand uses of ophthalmic medications, to instill safely and as directed by the doctor; to transcribe medication prescriptions as dictated by the physician, to provide the patient with approved medication information, and to understand use of P.D.R. as a reference.
  14. To be familiar with emergency procedures in order to respond appropriately.
  15. To be familiar with patient education material, to provide such material to patients when appropriate, and to assist patients in obtaining answers to questions regarding their ophthalmic health care.
  16. To understand medical record filing system in order to participate in the daily care of such records; to assist with the completion of necessary forms.
  17. To assist with medication inventory and to monitor expiration dates of medications.
  18. To continually strive to expand and update knowledge and skills necessary to provide quality patient care.
  19. To display attitude and conduct which is conducive to establishing and maintaining good working relationships; to maintain confidentiality of all clinic matters.
  20. To maintain good attendance record and appearance as established by the guidelines within the employees’ manual.
  21. To assist in other departments as the need arises and as directed by Clinic Manager.
  22. To abide by Slocum Dickson Medical Groups confidentiality laws.

RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHERS: Deals directly with patients, families, physicians, staff and supervisory personnel. The ability to maintain an effective working relationship with peers and supervisory personnel; ability to communicate effectively with Group’s diverse population.

EDUCATION: Graduation for high school or equivalent.

WORK ENVIRONMENT AND CONDITIONS: The assistant works in an air-conditioned building and works directly with patients, physicians, and other staff members. Work schedule is determined by Clinic Manager, and may vary to meet the needs of the patients, physicians, and other clinic facilities. (Clinic facilities are open Monday through Friday). Must be willing to work overtime on an “as needed” basis; must wear a uniform, name tag, and white shoes. The assistant must be able to relate well to physicians, patients, fellow employees and visitors.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: The assistant must be able to tolerate standing and walking for significant periods of time. Must also be able to lift, stoop, bend and stretch. Must have correctable visions and hearing and legible handwriting.