Welcome to Slocum-Dickson

We like to add our providers to our website and to our internal newsletters. To do this, we need your help with the following items:

  • Provider bio info
  • Provider photos

Bio – Information

We use the information you provide on our website, internal communications and marketing, and advertising purposes.

Provider Bio Questionnaire

  • marital status, home town, number of children or animals...

Professional Photos

Please schedule a photo with Sara Park, Marketing Manager ASAP by emailing:  spark@sdmg.com (Thursday and Fridays often work best).  Sara will take a photo of you for use on the website.

• Stay away from busy patterns, logos, and very bright colors.
• Pretend the camera/photographer is a patient and relax and be yourself.
• Take a look at our website to see the professional business attire our providers wear for photos.

Next, please schedule an appointment with our photographer. The photographer will send you a link to view your online proofs. You’ll be able to select the photo of your choice from the online proofs.  Let Sara Park (spark@sdmg.com) know when you have this appointment scheduled so that she can follow-up with the photographer.  Use the hints above for this photo as well.  

Karen Infusino, Studio Manager/Photographer
DeNicola Photography
4947 Commercial Drive, Suite 7 (next to Symeon’s)
Yorkville, NY 13495

Marketing Department Update

Please email Sara Park, Marketing Manager and let her know what date your photo appointment is scheduled for. Sara will work with the photo studio to get your digital photos for the website.

Sara Park, Marketing Manager