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Jared Potts, MD
Plastic, Reconstructive & Hand Surgery

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I seek to provide the utmost care to my patients as if they were family.

– Dr. Potts

About the Doctor

Dr. Jared Potts is recognized as one of the best hand surgery specialists in the community. He is well known for restoring function to the hands with nerve repair surgery. Dr. Potts has years of experience performing hand surgery procedures such as endoscopic carpal tunnel release, trigger finger release and more. Additionally, Dr. Potts also performs plastic surgery with an emphasis on reconstruction surgery.

Types of Hand Surgery Procedures Offered:

    • Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

    • Trigger Finger Release

    • De Quervain Release

    • CMC Arthroplasty

    • Tendon Repair & Reconstruction

    • Nerve Repair & Reconstruction

    • Hand & Wrist Fractures

    • Trigger Finger Release

Patient Reviews

A Very personable educated young man & most importantly a Great surgeon highly qualified & I would personally highly recommend him, he performed hand surgery on me and was very thorough before and after took time to meet me and explain exactly what he intended on doing and he followed through with just that & even after the surgery he took time to meet with me again to go over the progress I was making in recovery and any concerns he had. I wholeheartedly trust this guy and would go as far as to say I would trust my own child in his hands!


Education and Qualifications

Orthopedic Hand Surgery Fellowship – University of Connecticut
Plastic Surgery Residency – University of Texas Medical Branch
Medical School – The Commonwealth Medical College
Master of Science – Tufts University School of Medicine
Bachelor of Science – Mount Union College

Professional Organizations

American Society of Plastic Surgeons Candidate Member
American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Candidate Member
American Society for Surgery of the Hand Candidate Member
American Association for Hand Surgery Candidate Member

Hand Specialist and Reconstructive Surgeon in New Hartford, New York

Dr. Potts is a plastic surgeon that specializes in hand surgery & reconstructive surgery. Putting his patients first and providing the most optimal care is his top priority. He is committed to providing the best patient-centered care. The facilities at Slocum-Dickson are equipped with the most up-to-date technology available and many procedures can even be performed in the office. Dr. Potts’ office is conveniently located in New Hartford, New York. To find out more about the services we offer or to book an appointment call our office at: (315) 798 1810 today!

Hand surgery FAQs

What do hand specialists do?

A hand specialist, upper extremity surgeons, are expert at diagnosing, treating and preventing disorders in the hand and wrist. Hand specialists can perform hand surgery on certain problems and conditions affecting the hand and wrists. With surgical and non surgical procedures, hand specialists can reduce or get rid of the pain and restore hand movement and function.

When should you see a hand specialist?

Common signs that you should see a hand specialist include but are not limited to: burning, numbness, tingling, difficulty grasping objects, a deformity in the hand or fingers, popping or clicking with motion, or significant swelling. Getting evaluated and treating these injuries early is highly recommended.

What are common conditions that affect the hand?

Some of the most common hand conditions include: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Ganglion Cysts, Arthritis, Dupuytren’s Disease and Trigger Finger. If you are looking for expert care for any of the following conditions, please contact our office at: (315) 798-1810.

Reconstructive Surgery FAQs

What is reconstructive surgery?

Reconstructive plastic surgery is considered a surgery performed to correct facial and body abnormalities caused by injury, birth defects, aging or disease. The goal of reconstructive plastic surgery is usually to repair a body part after an accident, disease or to improve body function. Breast reconstruction and cleft lip are examples of reconstructive surgery.  Dr. Potts treats patients who need hand and finger reconstruction due to accident, injury or birth defects.  Dr. Potts works hard to restore the appearance, form and function of your hands and fingers.

Does insurance cover reconstructive surgery?

Insurance may cover in part or full reconstructive surgeries as long as they qualify as reconstructive surgery and not cosmetic surgery. As a rule of thumb, if surgery is intended to correct or improve a legitimate medical concern, then that is usually considered reconstructive.