Medical Assistant

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Job Status: FT
Job Type: Medical Office Assistant

JOB SUMMARY:     Works under the direct supervision of a RN and/or LPN and a licensed physician performing work related duties as required.  Responsible for various clinical and clerical functions within the medical office.


  1. Schedules appointments; answers incoming phone calls; consults with physician and/or nurse practitioner regarding phone messages.
  2. Greets patients and checks the waiting area for arrivals.
  3. Prepares patients for exams providing a comfortable environment.
  4. Checks on patients while waiting in exam rooms; record BP, TPR, height and weight; document patient care and phone messages in medical record.
  5. Requisition ancillary services.
  6. Cleans, stocks and maintains exam rooms; maintains equipment and reports faulty equipment.
  7. Works in other physician’s offices as needed.
  8. Changes office schedule if needed.
  9. Prepares the chart.
  10. Does related work as required.
  11. Maintains confidentiality of all information regarding their patients.
  12.  Maintains good public relations with other departments, MD’s, patients and families.  Demonstrates customer service skills.
  13. Assists physicians with procedures within the office which specific training has been given with the exception of procedures involving delivery of medications.
  14. Attends OSHA upon initial employee orientation and annually thereafter.

RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHERS:  Direct relationship with patients/families, physicians and staff.

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE/KNOWLEDGE:  Graduation from high school and preferably 1 year experience in health care.  Demonstrated knowledge and performance of accuracy in taking blood pressure (B/P), Temperature (TPR), Height (HT), and weight (WT) in a medical office setting.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Classification of work level: Heavy.  Requires sitting, standing, bending and reaching.  May require lifting up to 50 pounds using proper body mechanics.  Requires manual dexterity to operate standard office equipment such as computer, fax and telephone.  Requires hearing and vision that is adequate to perform job duties.

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