Medical Records Scanner/Clerk

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Multi-specialty physician group

Responsible for scanning and/or filing and retrieving miscellaneous reports and medical records for physicians, clinical staff, members of the Group, etc. Performs other duties as delegated by the HIS Director and/or Assistant.


  1. Pulls medical records for doctors as designated.
  2. Responsible for incorporating loose miscellaneous reports into the paper medical record as designated.
  3. Files medical records into permanent file when designated.
  4. Affixes loose reports into the paper medical record when filing and whenever necessary.
  5. Finds patient names, medical record numbers and/or information by using the computer.
  6. Files medical records in terminal digit order into permanent file.
  7. Readies items to be scanned into the EMR as necessary. Ensures the appropriate chart # and provider initials are on all papers to be scanned.
  8. Scans loose reports into the electronic medical record as appropriate.
  9. Imports faxes into EMR per department policy.
  10. Requires the ability to use a computer and mouse to index documents appropriately into the electronic medical record.
  11. Uses proper out-guide procedures for medical records removed from any file.
  12. Answers phone requests regarding medical records and other medical record concerns.
  13. For those providers that still utilize paper medical records, assembles and formats medical records in format order according to format policies and procedures.
  14. Reviews patient names and medical record numbers on all medical records and reports to ensure that all the information is for the designated patient.
  15. Notifies HIS director with any problems related to patient medical records.
  16. Responsible for keeping the medical record files in a neat and orderly fashion.
  17. Requests supplies when supplies are needed.
  18. Locates files or misplaced medical records whenever necessary.
  19. Works overtime whenever necessary.
  20. Upholds the confidentiality policies of the Medical Record Department and SDMG.
  21. Assists in other duties as designated by the HIS Director and/or site supervisor.
  22. Adheres to SDMG policies and procedures.
  23. Attends all required in-service programs and employee informational meetings as designated by Supervisor.
  24. Practices time management, keeping authorized break periods within accepted policy.       Maintains level of productivity as established for the department.
  25. Complies with established SDMG attendance policy.
  26. Provides proper notification for absences and scheduled time-off in accordance with SDMG policy.
  27. Complies with SDMG policies and procedures pertaining to Incident Reporting and promptly notifies Supervisor of all incidents.
  28. Knowledgeable of individual responsibilities and duties pertaining to SDMG safety/emergency preparedness including emergency codes.
  29. Demonstrates a knowledge of proper body mechanics to be used in the work setting.
  30. Will attend OSHA training upon hire and annually thereafter.

RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHERS: Limited contact with physicians, patients and employees outside the Medical Record Department.  Must be able to work well with others and maintain a courteous and professional relationship with those persons in which contact is made, either in person or over the phone.

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE/KNOWLEDGE: High school diploma, equivalency, and/or experience.  Ability to stoop, bend, and reach.  Ability to carry bundles of charts, up to and over or equal to five pounds.  Must be able to alphabetize and put papers and medical records in terminal digit order.  Ability to be on feet for long periods of time.