Disability Correspondence Clerk

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Coordinates and processes all requests for medical records ensuring the patients’ confidentiality.  Information is processed in a timely and accurate manner according to the SDMG policies and Federal and State regulatory requirements.  Performs other related duties as designated by the HIS Director and/or Release of Information Team Leader


  1. Receives requests from insurance companies, lawyers, NYS Disability, NYS Compensation, Nurse Case Manager, FMLA forms, Attending Physician Statements, etc.  Accurately assesses validity, and legality of authorizations and requests for information.
  2. Accurately completes disability forms.
  3. Posts NYS Disability, APS, and lawyer payments, and prepares for deposit.
  4. Follows proper procedures for completion of life insurance requests.
  5. Follows the policy and procedure for charging for the completion of disability forms and other forms as indicated.
  6. Maintains level of productivity as established for the department.
  7. Maintains proper turn-around time on all release of information requests.  Federal HIPAA rules allow 30 days to process a request; however, whenever possible try to stay within the New York State guidelines which is 10 days to process a request.
  1. Maintains a log of all requests by entering the requests in the IDX system.
  2. Reviews the Aged Invoice Worksheet Report on a weekly basis to ensure all requests for information that have been logged into the IDX system have been completed.  Processes any outstanding request in a timely manner to ensure proper turn-around time for requests. Report any outstanding requests that are unable to be processed to the Release of Information Team Leader and/or the HIS Director on a bi-weekly basis.
  3. Adheres to all New York State and Federal regulatory guidelines, including HIPAA, to process release of information requests.
  4. Attends outside conferences as needed for educational purposes.
  1. Maintains professional conduct and customer service focus.
  2. Reviews patient names and medical record numbers to ensure that all information is for the designated patient.
  3. Copies all pertinent information that is requested.
  4. Copies the authorization and sends a copy with the copies of the medical record.
  5. Attaches all appropriate confidentiality cover letters with the copies of the medical records that are being sent.
  6. Answers phone requests regarding medical record correspondence.
  7. Works overtime when necessary.
  8. Assists in other duties as designated by the HIS Director and/or Release of Information Team Leader.
  9. Adheres to the policies and procedures of SDMG.
  10. Upholds the confidentiality policies of the Medical Record Department and SDMG.
  11. Attends all required in-service programs and employee informational meetings as designated by supervisor.
  12. Practices time management, keeping authorized break periods within accepted policy.
  13. Complies with established Slocum-Dickson Medical Group attendance policy.
  14. Provides proper notification for absences and scheduled time off in accordance with Slocum-Dickson Medical Group policy.
  15. Complies with Slocum-Dickson Medical Group policies and procedures pertaining to Incident Reporting and promptly notifies supervisor of all incidents.
  16. Knowledgeable of individual responsibilities and duties pertaining to Slocum-Dickson.
  17. Medical Group safety/emergency preparedness including emergency codes.
  18. Demonstrates knowledge of proper body mechanics to be used in the work setting.
  19. Will attend OSHA training upon hire and annually thereafter

RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHERS: Frequent contact with internal and external customers including, but not limited to, physicians, patients and employees.  Develops relations with local and governmental agencies, as well as insurance companies.  Must be able to work well with co-workers and maintain a professional conduct and a high level of customer service with those persons in which contact is made, either in person or over the phone.

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE/KNOWLEDGE: Graduate of approved school of Health Information Technology.  A Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) or previous correspondence experience preferred.   Must be able to alphabetize and put papers and medical records in terminal digit order.

To apply for this job email your details to jobs@sdmg.com