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Credentialed trainers will support and provide the training required related to the use of the Epic system inclusive of the scheduling and business office applications. They will use the curriculum, lessons, and training materials created by St. Joseph’s Hospital (SJHHC) as well as the SDMG training team to conduct training. Credentialed Trainers are part of the SDMG training team and responsible for the actual end-user training, development of training material and will have detailed knowledge of the SDMG workflows.


  • Will conduct training sessions and participate in the training of all SDMG end users
  • Responsible for the preparation of classroom materials – as needed.
  • Provide go-live and ongoing upgrade support (as needed).
  • Provide training to all SDMG end users
  • Train new physicians and employees on the Epic system including scheduling and business office
  • Assist with the scheduling and coordination of training sessions (new user, ongoing, personalization, etc.)
  • Work with SJHHC trainers and SDMG IT team to incorporate changes into lesson plans
  • Assist with the development on ongoing training materials and initiatives.
  • Will be an active team member and share ideas to improve to the training program.
  • Will assist with usability sessions, personalization session, development of tip sheets, and other forms of end user education.
  • Will maintain a strong understanding of organizational workflows or industry knowledge of the applications.
  • Will adhere to lesson plans.
  • Will be an integral part of the training and SDMG team.
  • Will actively participate on multiple committees.
  • Will round, observe workflows, follow up with and provide end user support as needed.
  • Supports the goals of Administration and works to promote teamwork within SDMG.
  • Escalate any critical issues to the Training Team Lead.
  • Perform all tasks with a high level integrity and provide exceptional customer service.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
  • May be exposed to hazardous drugs.
  • Attends OSHA training upon initial employee orientation and annually completes an OSHA competency.
  • Will review training materials and lesson plans to become proficient.


  • Preferred candidate should have 3 or more years experience in a medical office setting with experience in the use of business offices, scheduling or EMR applications or have 3 years of prior training experience.
  • Prior Business Office or clinical (RN, LPN, MA) experience preferred but not necessary.
  • Past training experience or educational background is preferred.
  • Must have strong presentation and communication skills.
  • Must have strong interpersonal skills
  • Must have the ability to adapt to change
  • Must develop and maintain  a strong understanding of office based practice, scheduling and business office workflows and a passion for teaching/training
  • Will attend training session at either SJHHC, Epic Systems or other locations to obtain system knowledge, learning techniques and other skills/info to ensure the success of the SDMG training program.
  • Required to pass a credentialing test with a minimum score of 85%.
  • Will be required to shadow offices and ancillary workflows on a regular basis to ensure a sound understanding of the practices and ensure effective and efficient use of the system.

RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHERS:  Direct relationship with physicians/providers, co-workers and staff from other departments/services.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Classification of work level: Heavy.  Requires sitting, standing, bending and reaching.  May require lifting up to 50 pounds using proper body mechanics.  Requires manual dexterity to operate standard office equipment such as computer, fax and telephone.  Requires hearing and vision that is adequate to perform job duties.