New York State Licensed Optician

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Multi-physician group

JOB SUMMARY:     Manages Optical Shop, does all fitting and dispensing of eyewear.


  1. Responsible for properly fitting patients with eyewear which includes taking seg. hts., p.d. measurements, and checking adjustments.
  2. Making sure frame fits patient properly and are comfortable,
  3. Ensure patient can see properly through the prescription.
  4. Acting as fashion eyewear consultant, pick frames that meet the patient’s needs but also are cosmetically appealing on them.
  5. Call the patient’s insurance provider to determine what the patient’s vision benefits are.
  6. Fill out the eyeglass order form, discuss different types of len materials and coatings with the patient, reviews pricing.
  7. Complete all 5 steps to ordering a pair of glasses:
    1. Order on vision web
    2. fill in Logician
    3. make appointment in IDX
    4. write in inventory
    5. send copy down with patient log.
  8. Neutralize lenses every day on lensometer than come from lab, put the eyeglasses together, and notify the patient of their arrival.
  9. Responsible for purchasing the frames.
  10. Complete weekly sales every Monday morning for previous week. Send bills to accounting after verifying on invoices they are accurate.
  11. At the end of each month, the Optician will do inventory of the dispensary and will do the total sales for that month.
  12. Dusting, ordering sundry items, moving frames around are all additional responsibilities.
  13. The Optician also must demonstrate customer service skills, handle insurance and billing problems and be able to problem solve if a patient cannot see out of their glasses.
  14. May be exposed to hazardous drugs.
  15. Attends OSHA training upon initial employee orientation and annually completes an OSHA competency.
  16. Other duties as required.

RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHERS:  Direct relationship with patients, families, physicians, staff.  Must be able to interact well with others.

EDUCATION:  Graduated from High School or completed GED requirements.  Completion of accredited program to become a NY State licensed Optician or graduation from college with a degree in Opticianry.  Must pass the NY State boards to become licensed.

WORK ENVIRONMENT AND CONDITIONS:  The assistant works in an air-conditioned building and works directly with patients, physicians, and other staff members.  Work schedule is determined by Clinic Manager, and may vary to meet the needs of the patients, physicians, and other clinic facilities.  (Clinic facilities are open Monday through Friday).  Must be willing to work overtime on an “as needed” basis; must wear a uniform, name tag, and white shoes.  The assistant must be able to relate well to physicians, patients, fellow employees and visitors.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTSRequires standing, sitting, bending, reaching.  Moderate work level.  Must be able to operate standard office equipment such as computer, fax, and telephone. Vision must be adequate to perform job duties such as seg. Hts which are in sizes of millimeters. .